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All Ceremonies are highly personalized and written to showcase your love story. If you desire special elements that are not listed below, don’t hesitate to ask. It’s not a problem so don’t be shy! Please press the drop down buttons (upside-down triangles) next to each option for its description. Holiday rates apply for Christmas Day and Eve, New Year’s Day and Eve, and Thanksgiving.

Love Letter Box sample

Wiccan Wedding Ceremony

Sample of Hand-Fasting Cords. Custom colors.

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THE ROMANTICS –  $475.00

The Love Letter Ceremony

Love Letter Box sample

Love Letter Box sample

If you want a truly romantic ceremony this is the one for you! In the days before your wedding, each of you will write a letter to the other sharing the reasons you want to spend the rest of your lives together. These letters are sealed and the contents are known only to the person who wrote them. On your first anniversary, and every anniversary thereafter, (or if you need a reminder of why you married each other) read your letters to each other or exchange your letters to return you to the moment you made your marriage commitment. This ceremony has a high level of personalization and is a truly personal ceremony that establishes a romantic anniversary tradition. This ceremony includes a beautiful Love Letter Box to hold your letters on display as a daily visual reminder of the promises you made. They are very pretty. Please note that I need a minimum of one week to make your box.

The Oathing Stone Ceremony

Oathing Stones Wedding Ceremony

Oathing Stones

A highly personalized ceremony, the Oathing Stone Ceremony is a nod to ancient wedding traditions. It was believed that by holding a rock during a wedding vow exchange, the rock and the vows became imbued with the promise that the union would last forever. During the vow exchange, while holding hands, the couple places a smooth river rock in their hands. Smaller river rocks are given to the guests at the beginning of the ceremony. Guests will be told to hold their rocks during the vow exchange and imbue it with their own well wishes and blessings for the couple. At the reception, guests may write their initials on their rocks and or simply place it in a vessel of well wishes for the couple to take home. It’s fun and it’s different. Most of your guests have never experienced or even heard of this type of ceremony. Larger Couple Stone and Guest Stones are included with this ceremony option. (I can only accommodate rocks for up to 200 guests.)

Pagan Wiccan Nature based Wedding Ceremony

This is the ceremony for couples who want a spiritual and nature imbued wedding experience. A formal religious ceremony within the Sacred Circle may include such features as a Handfasting; Dagger and Chalice; a Tarot Card Pull or Jumping the Broom options. The Handfasting cords are included in this ceremony as a keepsake and are made especially for you using your color preferences. The other supplies such as the chalice, sword, tarot cards and broom are included for ceremonial purposes only and are not gifted to the couple.

THE LOVERS – $450.00

The Handfasting Ceremony

Wedding Handfasting Cords

Handfasting Cords

This ceremony is a marriage of old and new marriage traditions. It combines the old tying of the knot with a modern twist. In the old days the handfasting bound a couple for a year and a day, but this one is for keeps! This ceremony includes my signature handfasting cords made by yours truly. My signature design of the cords and the way they are knotted results in a lovely keepsake to be kept on display in your home as a daily visual reminder of your wedding vows. I make the cords to your color specifications and they are embellished with charms, crystals, or pearls. Please note that I need a minimum of one week to custommake your cords.

The Drinking of the Wine and The Breaking of the Glass Ceremony

Drinking of the Wine

This ceremony is perfect for a couple where one is Christian and the other is Jewish. The wine and the breaking of the glass are beautifully reminiscent of the traditions in both faiths. This ceremony may be non-denominational or secular in nature depending on your preferences. A beautiful customized wine glass is included in this ceremony. Ceremony may be modified by eliminating the stomping of the glass portion and simply featuring the drinking of the wine feature. Couple is responsible for supplying the stomping glass. (An old fashioned light-bulb in a plastic bag and wrapped in a pillow case makes a nice popping sound.)

The Sea Shell Unity Sand Ceremony

Sea Shell Unity Wedding Ceremony

Sea Shell Unity Sand Ceremony

Getting married on the beach? High level of personalization, this ceremony honors your beach location or beach-themed wedding. While this component may be performed exclusively between the couple, it can be modified to include children or parents so they may participate in the ceremony in a fun way. One glass vase or bowl and shells are included in this ceremony for the couple to take home as a visual keepsake of their wedding day. Couple is responsible for buying colored sand or may use sand from the beach. This ceremony includes fancy shells to represent the couple and their Unity Sand participants. Couple keeps completed vase as a keepsake. (The smaller pouring vessels are provided for ceremony purposes only and are not sent home with the couple.) Available vase may vary from the photo.

The Unity Sand Ceremony

Unity Sand Wedding Ceremony

Unity Sand Ceremony

The Unity Sand Ceremony is a perfect option to honor a beach location or as a replacement for a Unity Candle Ceremony in indoor or outdoor settings. High level of personalization, this ceremony traditionally honors mothers or parents, but may be modified to include children, or may even be performed just between the couple. One glass vessel is included in this ceremony for the couple to take home as a keepsake. Smaller pouring vessels are provided for ceremony purposes only and are not sent home with the couple. Available vase may vary from the photo.


The Lovely Ceremony $425.00

Ceremony Details

This ceremony is meaningful and lovely. This is the ceremony to choose if you’d like to share your story but do not want to include any special additional features such as a handfasting component, or unity sand feature as described in the above ceremony options. You will have all the same options for readings or verse and a vow and ring exchange. It’s a very lovely ceremony.

Weekday Elopements $325.00

Ceremony Details

This option is for sweethearts who want to elope on a weekday. This ceremony option offers a meaningful pre-written secular ceremony especially for those couples who prefer an intimate wedding with no more than two guests who may serve as witnesses. If you won’t have any guests please let me know and I will assist you in finding two individuals to witness your ceremony which is a NJ requirement. Strict adherence to 2 guests total. If there will be more than two guests, choose one of the other ceremony options. If you love the idea of eloping but do’t have a location, I recommend the gazebo in lovely Gaskill Park in Mays Landing NJ. The park overlooks Egg Harbor River. A permit is required to reserve the location and may be obtained by calling: Jessica Wear at 609-625-8219 


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