Baby Blessing Ceremonies in South Jersey

As a natural consequence of your love, sometimes you are blessed with a youngster.

Baby Blessings are a wonderful way to celebrate your love and welcome your child to the world.

Baby blessings may be secular or non-denominational ways to formally introduce your child to his or her closest circle of family and friends and the universe, and celebrate the wonderful opportunities that await your child.

What is a baby Blessing?

Not everyone is a member of a church, synagogue, or other house of worship. Sometimes a baby blessing is a good option for those who are not particularly religious or where the parents are of different faiths.

The Baby Blessings I offer may be a secular or non-denominational means to formally introduce your child to your close circle of family and friends. In addition, a baby blessing ceremony is also a celebration of the wonderful life that awaits your child.

Parents may choose Guide Parents for a secular ceremony and God Parents for a non-denominational ceremony as the honored individuals who have been chosen to play a significant role in the life of your child.

How is a baby blessing performed?

As with my wedding ceremonies, I work with you to tailor the ceremony to reflect your individuality. I then use this information to create a customized ceremony.

The spoken portion of the ceremony will reflect your love for your child by stating your promises and aspirations for providing your child with the best life she or he may achieve, with the support of the adults in her or his life. It may also contain quotations, poems, or readings of either a religious or secular nature, anything that helps parents express their commitment to their child.

Some parents wish to recite vows to their child promising unconditional love, support, and guidance much like those of a wedding ceremony.

Small rituals can also be performed such as a blessing with water, the lighting of candles, or the blending of sand to demonstrate parental commitment.

Where is a baby blessing ceremony performed?

I perform baby blessings ceremonies in South Jersey within a 35 mile radius of Mays Landing, NJ.

Venues can range from restaurant and hotel event rooms, public parks and gardens, and private homes. Many new parents choose to have the baby blessing ceremony performed in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Since it’s a joyous celebration, food and beverages typically follow the ceremony.

Who attends a baby blessing ceremony?

An old proverb says, “In times of trouble, go to the friend of your father, go to the friend of your mother.”  A baby blessing ceremony can be either large or small, though like a religious ceremony such as a baptism, they tend towards the more intimate side. Immediate family and closest friends are appropriate guests who may even participate in the ceremony itself if this is desired. Just let me know and I’ll accommodate them in the ceremony.

Sharing the baby blessing ceremony with those closest to you and your baby makes for a cherished and spiritually-fulfilling occasion!

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Xoxo ~ Marilyn

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