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From ancient times to the redefining today of what marriage is, marriage has long been a prominent feature in societies. It’s a feel-good celebration of love, family and bringing together of friends. Being part of someone’s wedding day forever connects you to that couple. You become part of their personal history. Weddings are a very real part of the human condition and a joyful way to bond with other human beings. It is a great privilege for me to be able to marry couples.

My own personal spirituality seems to be nature based, having a strong reverence for nature, and science. But I also embrace an eclectic mix of philosophies from across the religious and spiritual board. I am happy to officiate from any spiritual or secular perspective, except those that focus on negativity or harming others.

I was ordained through Universal Life Church in 2001 because I was seeking answers to my own spirituality and it allowed me to take responsibility for my own path.

Other aspects of my life include being a mother of three adult children, seventeen years as an educator, an ongoing life as an artist, and forty+ years reading tarot.

Marilyn D’Auria

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Contact Marilyn or Call 609-605-8906

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